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White Brick Wall

Newest Series 
Travel Kit

Sance, Maria, Travel Kit.jpeg

Travel Kit is a compilation of oil, watercolor and oil pastels sometimes mixed with coffee and wine stains. Inspired while traveling and living across the world: Egypt, France, Scotland,Italy and Guatemala.


White Brick Wall
Tamal de Oro
untitled - line
Gotas de Mandarina
French Man with a Baguette
Window Over Rue Louis Blanc
Rendition of The Old Guitarist
Blue Lady
One rainy wish
El Rosario
untitled- 07-2021
vista de mi cuna
What we do
White Brick Wall


Maria is a painter and creative

based in Koreatown, California. Born and raised on a coffee farm in Guatemala, Maria moved to the United States at a young age where she explored painting as a means to cope with the transition. When she is not behind an easel, Maria works as a paralegal. She works in employment law defending worker's civil rights. 

White Brick Wall


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